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Rock Bridge Memorial State Park volunteer opportunities

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Rock Bridge Memorial State Park is being threatened like never before by invasive plants and needs your help!  If you haven’t considered doing invasive plant control volunteering before, the attachments will give you a good understanding of what’s involved.  While we can’t spray this time of year, it does work to use cut/stump and pulling methods in winter as long as it’s above freezing and the ground isn’t frozen.  It’s also a good time to give attention to some species/small projects that don’t get much attention during the growing season.

Attached are two planning docs that give details about locations/species/methods for work that needs to be done.  The map shows locations of 3 spots along Clear Creek that need winter creeper pulled.  This is an example of maps I can make as needed to help you find a particular location or I can take you out and show you a site that needs work.  Notice the instructions doc.  Please let me know what task you are willing to tackle and report when it’s done so I can keep this up to date and serve as a coordinator.  If you can’t help directly, perhaps you can forward this on to others who can.

I want to thank those of you who have been working on invasive plant control.  I’m estimating that we spot sprayed bush honeysuckle on about 300 acres in the Eastern part of the Gans Creek Wild Area this fall after natives lost their leaves!  And our SPYC crew worked all summer with various species and methods.  Having worked here for 25 years, I know of many locations that are in good shape today that would have become grown up in invasive plants except that we intervened on behalf of our native plants and animals.  Let’s keep doing that!

To join the effort, call or email Roxie Campbell, park naturalist:

Roxie Campbell

Park Naturalist

Rock Bridge Memorial State Park

5901 S. Hwy. 163

Columbia, MO 65203


[email protected]

You will need to fill out and send the following forms to Roxie:

Decision to deregulate creeping bentgrass

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Environmental groups blasted USDA’s Jan. 17 decision to deregulate a genetically engineered creeping bentgrass that has taken root in two Oregon counties.

In a joint news release, the Center for Biological Diversity and Center for Food Safety sharply criticized USDA’s decision to deregulate the grass, which was genetically modified to resist applications of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto Corp.’s Roundup weed killer.

Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. and Monsanto developed the grass for use mainly on golf courses. —Read the rest of the article.

A 12/8/2016 Capital Press Ag news article documented the decision to deregulate the genetically engineered glyphosate-resistant creeping bentgrass will be made by the USDA Secretary of Agriculture after the close of the final public comment period. Download the rest of the article.

More on Agrostis stolonifer (creeping bentgrass):