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Download Guidebook on Management of Invasive Plants & Pests of Illinois

by Tina Casagrand

A comprehensive guidebook on Management of Invasive Plants & Pests of Illinois is now available online as a free download:

The book includes clear and direct recommendations for management of ubiquitous and emerging invasive species, including Japanese Hops, Tree of Heaven, Multiflora Rose and many, many more!

Though the guide is for Illinois, the vast majority of these species occur in our region.  As to specific control recommendations, the authors use precise language and clear instruction (clearly stating percentages as v/v as opposed to % active ingredient, clearly differentiating between triclopyr ester and triclopyr amine, etc).

A phenology calendar is available in a special pull-out section.

We are grateful to SIU-Carbondale, Morton Arboretum and University of Illinois Extension for creating this fabulous resource!

Download the Guide here: