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Controlling invasive plants in Missouri – Presentations

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Introduction to Invasive Plant Threats

Invasive, non-native plants threaten native biodiversity and have negative economic impacts for the timber and horticulture production, the outdoor recreation industry, and other sectors. Join invasive plant experts and MoIP members Dr. Quinn Long and Matt Arndt to learn more about many of these plants. Drawing from the Missouri Invasive Plant Council’s list of 142 invasive plants in Missouri, they will address why these plants were determined to be invasive, why some plants can be invasive in some situations, but not others, and other invasive plants not on the list.

Management Strategies for People Working on the Ground with Invasive Plant Species

The Missouri Invasive Plant Council (MoIP) has organized regular sessions invasive plant and invasive species since premiering its vision at the Missouri Natural Resources Conference (MNRC) in February 2016. Below is the recording of the 2021 session, “Doubling Down on Invasive Plants — Integrated Approach to Control.”

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In January 2019, Quinn Long delivered a presentation on the Missouri Invasive Plant Assessment at the Missouri Natural Resources Conference.