Missouri Invasive Plant Task Force (MoIP) - to identify and control the invasive plant species that severely impact native biodiversity


MoIP Members and Stakeholders:

• Organizing Chair: Bill Ruppert, National Nursery Products – St. Louis

• Chair, Oct. 2017-19: Carol Davit, Missouri Prairie Foundation

• Vice-Chair, Oct. 2017-19: Nate Muenks, Missouri Department of Conservation

• Inaugural Members: Nate Muenks, Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC); Anastasia Becker, private citizen and entomologist (formerly Missouri Department of Agriculture); Ken McCarty, Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR); Carol Davit, Missouri Prairie Foundation

As of December 2018, members include: Brian Davidson, National Forest Service; Bruce Schuette, MoDNR retired; Malissa Briggler, MDC botanist; Roxie Campbell, MoDNR Rock Bridge State Park; Quinn Long, Missouri Botanical Garden; Reid Smeda, University of Missouri (MU) College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources; Stacy Armstrong, Missouri Department of Transportation; Nate Muenks, Missouri Department of Conservation; Susan Ehlenbeck, Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA); Anastasia Becker, MDA retired – private citizen and entomologist;  Carol Davit, Missouri Prairie Foundation; John Nekola, Green Industry, Landscaping; Ann Koenig, Missouri Department of Conservation/Missouri Forestry Council; Paul McKenzie, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; Larry O’Donnell, Kansas City Native Plant Initiative; Matt Arndt, Missouri Consulting Foresters Association; Jim Ball, Missouri Walnut Council; Collin Wamsley, MDA; Joe Alley, Natural Resources Conservation Service; Hank Stelzer, University of Missouri School of Natural Resources; Bill Ruppert, National Nursery Products

As of December 2018, stakeholders include: Steve Clubine, represents range management; Jay Doty, Magnificent Missouri; Kelly Srigley-Werner, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; Shane Kampeter, Missouri National Guard; Nathan Kempker, Missouri National Guard; Alli Brown, Missouri Botanical Gardens; Eric Bohle, Friends of Rock Bridge State Park; Rebecca Landewe, The Nature Conservancy; James Cole, The Nature Conservancy; Robbie Doerhoff, MDC forest health specialist; Elizabeth Steele, Hamilton Native Outpost; Sue Bartelette, Native Plant Program; Lea Langdon, Missouri Master Naturalist; Kyra N. Krakos, Maryville University; Mike Rood, Pea Ridge Forest; Ken McCarty, MoDNR; Mark Renz, Midwest Invasive Plant Network; Matthew Garrett, Johnson County Park & Recreation; Mike Hoffmann, Forest & Woodland Association of Missouri; Allen Powell, Conservation Section for the Farm Service Agency, USDA

Member and Stakeholder Roles: Active Missouri Invasive Plant Task Force members meet four times each year to develop a strategy to address invasive plant species in the state of Missouri. Stakeholders receive communication from MoIP members, offer their expertise and share updates with their colleagues. The diversity of MoIP—from plant industry professionals to state- and federal-employed conservation, transportation and agriculture leaders—helps maximize the informational and geographic capabilities to combat invasive exotic plants across the state.