Missouri Invasive Plant Task Force (MoIP) - to identify and control the invasive plant species that severely impact native biodiversity

Pledge to Stop the Spread of Invasive Plant Species

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An invasive plant is defined as a species whose introduction to Missouri causes economic or environmental harm. In most cases, invasive plants evolved in other parts of the world and were introduced to Missouri by people. It is also important to understand that some native plants, usually via land disturbances by people, can exhibit aggressive qualities similar to invasive plants and may also need to be controlled. An example is eastern red cedar, which has spread beyond its original habitat and abundance in Missouri due to landscape changes and suppression of fire.

Invasive plants pose serious threats to Missouri’s native ecosystems, as well as many native plants and animals, the built environment, and many facets of the state’s economy, including cattle production, the timber industry, and many aspects of outdoor recreation, including fishing and hunting industries.

We/I, the undersigned representative(s) of [please submit your information below], are committed to the identification and control of invasive plants on land under our jurisdiction. We pledge to plan and budget funds and/or human resources for the removal and ongoing management of invasive species in order to reduce the spread and impact of invasive plants and to help native species thrive. We understand that control efforts may take years of work, and are committed to this long-term process.

We also pledge to cease planting any species or cultivar of species listed on the current edition of the MoIP Missouri invasive plant master listing (other than for controlled research purposes), and to incorporate plants native to Missouri when practical.

By taking the MoIP Invasive Plant Management Pledge, we signal our resolve to control invasive species and encourage other entities to follow suit. With many entities taking action to control invasive species on land within their own jurisdictions and by collaborating across property boundaries, together, we can positively influence the perpetuation of native ecosystems, native wildlife, economies based on wise land use, and the communities in which we live, for the benefit of all.