Missouri Invasive Plant Task Force (MoIP) - to identify and control the invasive plant species that severely impact native biodiversity

Educational Videos and Apps

Members of MoIP have gathered resources, tools and guides that currently help identify, assess and manage invasive and exotic plant species.

Invasive Plant Apps

Cultivating Awareness: Ornamental Plants Invading Natural Areas

By the Midwest Invasive Plant Network

The Pear That Invaded Columbia

From the City of Columbia’s “Stop the Spread” campaign

See also: Rough cut video from MoIP’s Invasive Callery (Bradford) Pear Field Event, April 13, 2018.

Say NO to Honeysuckle!

From Great Rivers STL

The Destruction of Missouri – Invasive Asian Bush Honeysuckle

By Casual Landscaping Decisions: the destruction of Missouri

The threat of invasive species – Jennifer Klos

A beautifully illustrated Ted-Ed video and lesson.