Missouri Invasive Plant Council (MoIP) - to identify and control invasive plants

Management and Identification Guides

Members of MoIP have gathered resources, tools and guides that currently help identify, assess and manage invasive and exotic plant species.

MoIP’s General Guidelines for Control of Invasive Plants

Download our guide to basic methods of invasive species control.

Effective Control of Callery Pear
Instructions by Reid Smeda, MU Extension, for the Missouri Invasive Plant Council

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MIPN’s Invasive Plant Control Database

This website contains information on how to control many invasive plants common to the Midwestern United States. Information was collected from both scientific literature and expert opinions and summarized by the Midwest Invasive Plant Network (MIPN), in partnership with the Mark Renz lab from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Missouri Noxious Weed Control

The Missouri Department of Agriculture provides assistance to landowners regarding chemical, mechanical and biological control of noxious weed species.

Identification Guides for Invasive Plants

Management Guides for Invasive Plants