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Citizen Science Opportunity: Shady Invaders through the National Phenology Network

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Illustration from Nature's Notebook.

Illustration from Nature’s Notebook.

An invitation from Eryn Maynard to do Citizen Science:

I lived in St. Louis for a couple of years doing invasive plant research at Washington University. I went on a few native plant walks with your WGNSS-Botany Group. It came up in conversation fairly regularly that invasive shrubs tend to leaf out earlier and keep their leaves later than native shrubs. I’m now working on my PhD at Penn State exploring the occurrence and potential impacts of this extended leaf phenology of invasives. I’m trying to get a regional perspective on this, and so have started a citizen science data collection campaign called Shady Invaders through the National Phenology Network. The landing page contains the species lists and links on how to start collecting data. Datasheets can be printed or there’s also an app for mobile devices. Please help spread the word.

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Erynn Maynard, PhD Candidate

Intercollege Graduate Degree Program in Ecology

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