MoIP Encourages Citizens to Report Presence of Invasives using EDDMapS

December 2, 2022 | News

The Missouri Invasive Plant Council (MoIP) Encourages Citizens to Report Presence of Invasives using EDDMapS

In November, amid the oranges and browns of fall foliage, the yellow-green leaves of bush honeysuckle are especially apparent, and a reminder of the pervasiveness of this and many other invasive plants on the landscape. Not only are warm days in November good times to treat bush honeysuckle, this month is also ideal for documenting locations of bush honeysuckle and other invasives that are still visible, like wintercreeper.

One of the most important pieces of information needed to manage invasive plants is knowing where they are located and how widely they are distributed. The Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System (EDDSMapS) is an easy way to collect those data, which are stored in a national database that anyone can access. Anyone who can identify an invasive plant can enter the location of that particular invasive plant. Abundance and treatment information can also be recorded using EDDSMapS. (For information on recording data on public vs. private land, read this.)

All one needs to do is register on the site and complete a fillable report online. EDDSMapS provides instructions for entering a plant’s location. All records are verified for accuracy. EDDSMapS also has an iPhone App for those who prefer to use their smartphones. Find the EDDSMapS link and an instructional webinar recording on MoIP’s Reporting Tools web page.


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