Provide input to inform potential invasive plant sales legislation

May 1, 2023 | Cease the Sale, News

We are inviting you to provide input on MoIP’s idea for future state legislation that would cease the sale of some invasive plants.

Please share this with others you think may have interest and encourage them to provide feedback.

Click here to provide input. 

Why are we asking for input?

Invasive plants threaten aspects of Missouri’s economy, including horticulture, agricultural production, private landowners, native plant health, native ecosystems, and the outdoor recreation industry. Many of these problematic plants are imported, bred, distributed, and/or promoted for sale in Missouri. To help prevent any more invasive plant challenges on the landscape, the Missouri Invasive Plant Council (MoIP) has put forth the idea of ceasing the sale of some invasive plants in the form of state legislation that would ban their sale, propagation, and intentional distribution.

We are seeking input from people across the state and across industries so that our eventual proposal can be as well-informed and collaborative as possible. We want to work with stakeholders from many sectors, including agriculture, conservation, horticulture, academia, and utilities to find common ground on what’s best for the future of Missouri. Now, MoIP is asking for input from your organization’s members on your level of support (or lack thereof) for inclusion of any of these species in a future cease-the-sale effort in Missouri.

Click here to provide input. 

* You may provide input on as few or as many plant species as you choose.

Deadline: June 15, 2023. After that date, responses will be collected.

Thank you!

MoIP sincerely appreciates your time and attention. We hope we can work together to craft a solution that will benefit Missouri’s economy, protect the state’s natural heritage, and save private landowners and other Missourians millions of additional dollars in control costs by helping to minimize additional spread of invasive plants and lessen the long-term impact of existing problem species.

Learn More

  • What are invasive plants?
  • Who is MoIP?
  • What is MoIP’s idea to cease the sale of some invasive plants in Missouri?
  • Why are all known invasive plants not included in an eventual “cease-the-sale” list?
  • What is the MoIP Assessment of Invasive Plants and how did MoIP accumulate the scientific knowledge of which specific plants are invasive in Missouri?

Visit our Cease the Sale webpage to learn more!

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at 

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