Who Can Help Me Get Rid of My Invasive Plants?

Hiring professionals

If you are looking to hire help for getting rid of your invasive plants, Grow Native! offers a guide to professionals who are in the field of Wildlife Habitat and Ecological Services. Many of these Grow Native! members will do invasives control in someone’s yard or over many acres.


Cost-share opportunities

There are federal and state cost-share funding streams available for invasives removal, depending on size of property and other factors.

If you are a landowner, you should contact your local Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) office, describe your situation and see if they have programs to help offset the cost.

The Missouri Department of Conservation also offers cost-share programs. Call your local office and ask for the Private Land Conservationist for your locality.

If you represent a municipality or an organization with land in an urban area, call your local MDC office and ask for the Community Conservationist in your area.


Do it yourself

Explore MoIP’s resources for identification, management and control of invasive plants.

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