Cutting bush honeysuckle stems with chainsaw. Photo by Scott Woodbury.

Reporting Tools

MoIP encourages professionals and citizens to report observations. The more we know where invasive plants are, the more effectively resources can be allocated.


Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System (EDDMapS)

EDDMapS is a collaboration among multiple associates working to rapidly respond to new invasive species sightings.

One of the most important pieces of information needed to manage invasive plants is knowing where they are located and how widely they are distributed. The Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System (EDDSMapS) is an easy way to collect that data and store it in a database that anyone can access. Anyone who can identify an invasive plant can enter the location of a that particular invasive plant. All one needs to do is register on the site and complete a fillable report online. There are instructions for entering a plant’s location available on the site. All records are verified for accuracy. It also has an iPhone App for those that prefer to use their smartphones.

How to Use the EDDMapS App

From the 2021 EDDMapS Summit, featuring basics, professional tools, and case studies on engagement opportunities using EDDMapS.


Other Reporting Tools: