Golden Prairie

About Golden Prairie

Location: Southeast 90th Road near Golden City, Barton County, MO 64748
Size: 630 acres

Species of invasives managed for: sericea lespedeza, tall fescue

History of land and invasives management: MPF purchased the remnant prairie in 1970 and 1972. Two additional tracts of degraded prairie and a crop field (which has since been planted with native prairie species) were added later to help buffer the good prairie. Management has been ongoing for exotics, and prescribed burns since 1997 have helped keep invasive woody species under control.

Results of management: Exotic control is an ongoing continuous effort. These efforts have been successful in keeping the exotics at low and manageable levels.

Current invasives management: multiple herbicide (triclopyr) spot treatments during the growing season on sericea lespedeza. It does appear to be working (hard to tell in two seasons). Fall treatment of fescue with glyphosate after a hard frost. This method works best if you can conduct an early fall burn and spray the fescue regrowth.

Other information: Golden Prairie is a very significant site. The 320 acre core is a remnant of unplowed original prairie that has been designated a Missouri Natural Area and National Natural Landmark. The prairie has a high biodiversity with 320 native plant species, an average coefficient of conservatism of 4.1 and 35 conservative species that indicate very good floristic integrity. There is a good array of grassland birds and 44 known species of bees (of which many are pollen specialists on prairie wildflowers and for two of them this was only their 2nd record in the state). Two species of conservation concern, the Prairie Mole Cricket and Regal Fritillary, and a candidate for federal listing (the Arkansas Darter) occur here. An upcoming survey of amphibians and reptiles, and other projects, will yield additional information about on the prairie’s flora and fauna.

tall prairie flowers with prairie landscape far into the distance with a blue sky above
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